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Essay about Abducted from School

An essay about Abducted from School

The other day owing to the combined school’s sports meet to be held in the afternoon, our school was closed an hour earlier than usual. My taxi driver did not know of this change; so he was not expected for another one and half hours. Having nothing to do at school, I decided to return home by bus.

Accordingly, I went to the bus stop in front of our school. There I sat done on a bench waiting for the next bus to arrive. I had not waited long when a car passed by. Its occupant all stared at me as they went past. A few minutes later the same car emerged from the school gate in front of the bus stop. It must have entered the school by the other gate.

The car came to a halt before the bus stop and one of the passengers asked me if I was looking for a lift to the town. I said that I was. One of those in the back seat got out and let me in. then he entered him and shut the door. Thus I was sandwiched between them. To my horror and surprise, the pushed some hard objects against my sides as soon as the car started. They asked me to hand over whatever valuables I had on me. My purse, Mobile Phone, watch fountain pen and a gold chain were all taken from me.

They pointed out that the objects pressed against my sides were pistols. To convince me that they were not bluffing one of them produced a live bullet. On pain of being shot dead. I was told to look straight and refrain from shouting for help as they drove me through the town. When the car stopped at a stop look go sign. I did not shout for help even though the car has stopped between two police constables on bicycles, both armed with pistols. So frightened was I.

Having left the town behind, my abductors asked me where I lived and who my father was. When I gave them the required information, they smiled. One of the two holding me patted me on the shoulder and said. “You are a good boy! We are not always so lucky as to have a tin miner’s son to be our house guest.

So they were going to ask my father to ransom me. They asked me if I would agree to write a letter to my father asking him to deliver $ 100,000 at a certain place at a given time. At first, I refused to do anything but a few slaps on the face and a blow at the back of my head convinced me that I had to obey them. Finally, it was settled that I would write a letter as directed and even ring up my father to confirm the demand in the letter.

Lucky for me, as we turned around a bend, we came upon a police barrier. The driver applied brakes and was going to reverse the car in the order to escape when the policemen surrounded the car and told us all to get out. The wanted to search the car for certain contrabands, I thought my captors would use me as a hostage, but they, offered no resistance and we came out of the car. Their ‘pistols’ were mere pieces of bamboo sticks. I ran to the nearest policeman shouting for help. The gangsters panicked and tried to escape but they were promptly overpowered and caught.

When I told them my story, the policemen told me that I had acted very foolishly in accepting a lift for strangers. They could have murdered me; at least they could have collected a handsome sum of money from my parents before they had set me free. I would advise all my friends not to accept lifts from the stranger.

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Essay about Abducted from School


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