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Essay about Geography of World

An essay about Geography of World

According to old mythologies and superstitions, the sun traveled during the day and rested at night. One story said that the eclipse of the moon was the result of beating her received from an angry moneylender whose debt she had failed to settle. According to another belief, the earth rested on one horn of a huge bull. Whenever he was tried, he shifted it to the other horn. This caused earthquakes. But with the advancement of geography, it has become possible to explain these and various allied phenomena scientifically. Vague theories and unfounded superstitions have therefore disappeared.

If one travels to a foreign country, one cannot properly equip oneself for the journey unless one knows that clothes one will need, what food will be provided and what language one will speak. If one has studied geography, one will not find it difficult to provide oneself adequately for the journey.

In trade, a comprehensive knowledge of commercial geography is essential. A merchant must know in which countries a certain commodity is available, and where he can buy it most cheaply or quickly. Again, if a trader wants to export any goods, he must know which countries need them most.

If one does not know one’s country thoroughly, one cannot love it sufficiently; there is no love without knowing the object of one’s love and appreciating its qualities. So the people who want to create the spirit of patriotism and national pride among the youth of a nation should give them a thorough knowledge of its geography through expeditions, holiday travel, and documentary films.

Perhaps, the study of geography does more to promote international understanding and goodwill than any other factor we know of. When we study the customs and traditions of foreign countries, we get to appreciate and respect them. Besides, by comparing our own traditions and customs with those of foreign lands, we not only like them all the more but also understand them much better.

The land-masses of Asia, Europe and Africa are really one great continent. So we may conclude that the people of various countries in these three continents got to know one another merely as a result of curiosity or proximity. But no one would have ever discovered America and Australia without some knowledge of geography. Columbus, it is said, was confident of reaching India when he left Spain in 1492 because he was convinced through his knowledge of geography that the world is round.

In the past, men did not know much of the world; therefore, geography was a simple and easy subject. But in recent years, the airplane and the TV have made every corner of it accessible to man. As a result, much has been added to the knowledge of mankind. Much research work has been done on this subject, and it had been made more scientific than before, formerly, geography involved only the knowledge of where certain things were found and where a particular city, mountain, or river was situated. But now it is of greater importance to know why and how certain commodities are obtained in certain particular regions of the world and not in others.

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Essay about Geography of World


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