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Essay about Practical Jokes

Essay about Practical Jokes

A practical joke is a “trick played upon a person to annoy him and to amuse others.” Practical jokes are pleasant as long as the persons ridiculed are not hurt physically or put to any serious material loss. The most appropriate time for practical jokes in schools in the first of April.

On the first of the April, this year, some borders in our school hostel decided to play a trick on the hostel master and on the headmaster of our school. One of the rooms in the boarding house was tightly bolted for the inside. The occupant then jumped out through the ventilator and hid in an adjoining room. He had left a heap of smoldering coal under a table.

The boy was very fond of eating corn roasted on coal. It was reported that he had ‘smuggled’ some coal into his room the night before. Presumably, he had not taken his cobs to the kitchen, lest other borders should eat some of them. Carbon dioxide produced by the burning coal was feared to have killed the boy, while asleep. The story was so logically planned and so cleverly told that it was readily accepted as genuine.

The hostel master was the first to be informed of the incident. He rushed to the scene. There he saw puffs of smoke coming out through the ventilators, and from under the door, he was very much perplexed. Some close friends of the dead’ boy, who did not know the truth of the matter, were in tears.

The hostel master decided to break the door open. But one of the boys responsible for the trick suggested that this should not be done without the headmaster’s permission. No such permission was needed, but he decided to act upon this advice. The headmaster was sent for. On arrival, he was informed that the ‘dead’ boy had burnt coal in his room to roast maize. This being an unusual practice in a boarding house, the headmaster becomes very angry with the hostel master for allowing it to happen. He told him that he had miserably failed to do his duty, and threatened to take action against him. The latter replied that he made it a practice to visit every room in the hostel at least once a night. As a matter of fact, he had visited that room the previous night and had a long talk with its occupant. He had seen no coal or maize in the room. The headmaster refused to believe his story.

At last, the door of the room was forced open, and we all rushed in. the headmaster pulled away from the sheet covering the bed. There was no one there. Instead, there was a large placard. It read. “April Fool”

All the boys laughed o seeing this. The hostel master felt a little relieved, but the headmaster was very angry. On his way out of the boarding house, he was greeted by the boy who had earlier been feared to be dead. This made us laugh more loudly than before, even the headmaster smiled.

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Essay about Practical Jokes


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