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Expense Claim Forms

What is Expense Claim Form?

An expense claim form is a detailed form having the information regarding the expenses which the finance department approves or disapproves. Any sort of expense which the company has to bear regarding the lunch, meeting, traveling, refreshment, repairing etc. The finance department has the right to reject it if they found it to be an inappropriate expense which needs to be controlled next time.

Company Details:

Our expense claim form has the proper place for mentioning the name of your reputed company along with the mandatory details regarding it such as phone number and email address. It provides the professional look of the form.

Employee Details:

The employee detail to whom the money is to be paid is mentioned clearly by providing the slots of employee name, employee ID, Date and designation of the employee. In addition to this, some other options to be filled are submitted to manager and department.

Purpose of Expense:

This expense claim sheet is basically for the claiming of expense. One needs to mention the type of expense that for which purpose claim is being made. It may be the shifting of goods from one branch to another, providing home delivery service, the expense of petrol etc. Either it is a small one or a huge one, it needs to be mentioned clearly over there so that the higher authorities find it easy to take the decision regarding approval or disapproval.

Cost of Expense:

With each expense mentioned, one needs to write the amount which is to be claimed and at the end, the whole amount to be claimed is mentioned.

Expense Claim Form in Excel Format:

Get your hands on the expense claim form by simply download it by clicking the button mentioned below.

EXCEL file format: Fill all the details regarding expense to be claimed in the Microsoft Excel sheet.

Instantly printable: fill out the fields and get the print.

Blank sample: Use it whenever you want.

Intuitive design: It is the professional format having all important fields in it.

Fully customizable: Edit it according to your company’s need.


Expense Claim Form Template for MS Excel


Expense Claim Form Template for MS Excel


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MS Excel Expense Claim Form Template


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