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Expense Report Templates

What is Expense Report Template?

There exists plenty of expenses in every business. No matter, either it is a small business or a huge one, expense management needs to be focused properly.

The expense report template is a handy template which depicts the professional and most efficient way of recording the expense of the company for a specified duration. It helps in controlling, maintaining and minimizing the expenses as per the company needs.

Key features of the template.


The date on which the expense report was made should be mentioned on it. In addition to this, the month for which this expense report is generated should also be mentioned. It eases the record track.

Company Details:

Mentioning the company details such as company name, company logo and contact details such as fax number, email Id, phone number, and address is of key concern. It personalized the template.

Expense Details:

A professionally designed expense report template comprises of the date of each expense, account, description of the expense, transport fare, hotel charges, fuel, phone charges, entertainment and miscellaneous.

The company has the entire right to approve or disapprove it. The total amount of expense is mentioned on the template. There exists a special slot for mentioning the notes regarding the expense.

Other Elements:

Other elements that are mandatory to be mentioned on the expense report template are the purpose, name of the employee who is generating this expense report, department of the employee, designation of an employee in the company, name of the employee’s manager and his employment ID.

There is a slot of statement number and the pay period on the template. One needs to mention the starting duration and the end date of the pay period.

Expense Report Template in Excel Format:

Different export report templates are given here. You can choose the one you were looking while you landed on this page. We have selected these template by keeping in mind all the aspects of the need of the people.

Few common features of these templates are:

  • EXCEL file format: All these templates are MS Excel worksheets with .xls extension. The file you download will be in zip format. You can unzip it in your local computer easily.
  • Printable option: You can print any worksheet when you are done with all of your work. The printing brings you a hard copy of the worksheet which is needed for many reasons. You know better for why you doing it.
  • The samples: The samples provided here are ready to use but we advise to make any necessary change as per your requirement.
  • The design: The design of all the templates is user-friendly. You will feel comfortable while working with any worksheet.
  • Customizable: Again you can edit a template or easily erase any text or numeric value that you have entered in a cell.


Expense report template


MS Excel Expense Report Template


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