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Failure To Follow Instructions At Work Form

Failure to follow the instruction at work is the document which dictates the failure of obeying the employer’s instruction. This official document is of great significance as it is the professional way of informing the employee about the mistake committed.

Failure to follow instructions at work represents the disobedience. Sometimes, the employee may disagree with the instructions provided or show negligent behavior.Another reason for not following the instructions are the poor comprehension about the given instructions.

This document should be written in a professional manner. Mention the name of the reputed company along with the logo. Mention the details of instructions provided to the employee. Mention the misconduct and failure of following instructions.

Let the employee know that such actions are not tolerable and in loss of the company. Hence, such behavior should not be repeated again. Let the employee know that he is supposed to abide by all the instructions and directions provided to him. Following the proper instructions are in favor of both the employee and company.

Avoid using harsh words. The format should be simple and clear so that the employee can comprehend it conveniently. The tone used should be polite so that the employee would not feel disgrace. Avoid using the words that could hurt an employee. Instruct him to refrain from such activities and mention the employee name and designation in the document.

It is better to obey the employer rather than grieving later on. The proper implementation of the instructions makes an eminent and good placement of the employee in the company.

The failure to follow instructions at work is not affordable at all times. It can be taken for granted if the failure is of a mild nature and does not lead to serious consequences. While the repeated failure leads to the issuance of warning letter or termination from the job.

This is such a situation in which terminating the employee is totally justified. Do not risk your job by neglecting the instructions as these are meant for the better performance of the employee. Follow the instructions at work and excel.





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