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Fitness Class Schedule Template

What is Fitness Class Schedule Template?

In this modern era, it is quite hard to gain and maintain the fitness. The fat moving lifestyle keeps us away from the fitness. The regular working, gym (circuit training), exercise or workout sessions are of great concern in order to gain the fitness. Getting motivation for the fitness is one thing and sticking persistently on it is another.

The fitness class schedule template is an important document which aids the person to perfectly schedules the timings of the workout.

Days of Fitness:

No matter whatever profession you belong you can enjoy having a fitness. The fitness class schedule template contains all the days of the workout starting from the Sunday to Saturday. It mentions the off days, which are meant for the relaxing and recharging purpose.

The Timing of Fitness:

Usually per hour timing of the fitness class schedule is mentioned in the worksheet. However, it is adjustable. It begins from the early morning till the night. Mentioning timing is of great concern as it aware the participant to complete the current workout and be ready for the next session. It also aware when the relax hours are approaching. Hence, it provides a motivation to the participant for keep on moving.

Workout Details:

Workout details of each fitness class are mentioned properly and clearly. In case of classes that are not free and charges an amount, there exists a note about it so that the individual may choose to be a part of it or not. For each day and timing, all details of workouts are mentioned. Fitness expert finds this fitness class schedule template to the best and rudimentary document of their working.

Fitness Class Schedule Template in Excel Format:

The template facilitates for the following features.

  • EXCEL format: It is an MS Excel spreadsheet template which is easily available with most of the people either at home or at the office.
  • Printable: You can print all the data to keep it as a record in your file.
  • The sample: The sample can be seen in the preview. It contains blank as well as filled cells. Some cells contain formulas that must not be altered. A couple of entries are given to guide the user about how to fill in the information. Don’t forget to delete it before you start using it.
  • The design: The design is very comprehensive. We are sure you will use it for your workout record.
  • Editable feature: You can make any change(s) if you think it must be there. The care should be taken to edit those cells that contain formulas.


Fitness class schedule template


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