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Homework Schedule Templates

Even though homework is hated by most of the students, even then no one can deny the importance it has in our education. Homework has a long-lasting history and takes us back to the time when education was limited to reading, writing, and arithmetic. The reason behind giving homework was not to over burden the students but to help them build a disciplined mind.

Homework has been viewed as a positive practice around the globe which helps the students to learn and improve whereas recently, due to heavy projects, the concept of homework has become debatable. The children these days are very different from the older generations. They are more demanding and they know what they want. In other situations, students face more pressure on them due to which homework has become more of a burden than a learning experience.

Parents and even teachers find it hard to convince students to do their homework on daily basis. If the essence of homework is maintained, it can prove to be useful rather than harmful. One of the major reasons behind homework is to fill the gap between school and home. It is also an opportunity for the parents to observe the performance of their child. As a student grows older, the amount of homework also increases. The teachers prefer students to do projects at home so then they can use their limited time in teaching valuable skills to their students.

For mathematics students, practice is the key to do well. And homework is the best way to practice what you learned in school. So, if a student does his homework attentively, it will improve his reading, writing, mathematical as well as analytical skills.

Home work should not only be a hectic activity. To perform a project the student needs to gather the necessary information or even materials, he must be conscious of the time and he knows he must present it to the teacher. This activity of homework makes the students take responsibility and makes him more accountable.

A student himself or with the help of a teacher or a parent should maintain a home work schedule. He should mention all the subjects and the time allocated to over view them. Students can also assign individual days for a single subject. This will help the students to study in a direction and achieve their goals.

Homework Schedule Template


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