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Hospital Bill Receipt Template

Hospital bill receipt is what a person gets when he visits a hospital to avail health services. The bill is handed over to him after his visit is complete. This bill resembles a cash receipt in many ways yet contain certain changes to meet the requirements.

The receipt has all the drugs enlisted in a perfectly organized manner with the total payment to be made by patient written at the end.It might include the purpose of the visit of the patient and the observations made by the doctor, but this is not compulsory.

A professional looking receipt is usually the requirement of every hospital for maintaining decorum. Apart from this, it is also required by both the medical office and the doctor. It helps in maintaining the record of the drugs sold to restrict the misuse of drugs. Hospitals must keep a record of every drug sold because they can be inquired about the sales and taxes anytime by the inspection team.

Constructing the medical bill receipt from the scratch requires a lot of effort and time. But hey! You don’t need to go through that tiring process because we have templates for hospital bill available for you. These templates can be edited thus, now you can make your very own customized hospital bill receipt effortlessly.

Few characteristics of the templates available are listed here below:

  • Templates have a special place reserved for your hospital logo and complete name with address thus, making that bill specifically your hospital’s property.
  • Below logo of your hospital space is provided for writing the patient’s name, id number, contact number, address and date and time of visit so that hospital can track his case when required.
  • They also contain an organized section for writing the details of the drug or any other product sold because while working in medicine industry one must be cautious because dealing with drugs is no joke.
  • Another section is made for writing the individual prices of the items. As the main purpose of making the bill is to state the amount so at the end of receipt a section is reserved for writing the total amount to be paid after the inclusion of all the taxes as well as labor costs to the original number of items.
  • Some templates are also available with an additional section dedicated to writing details about the purpose of the visit of the patient and the consultation provided by the doctor.

Hence, we can safely say that we have templates available for all your requirements so why wait, go and check our collection of templates available for you.


Hospital Bill Receipt Template


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