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Household Management Worksheet Template

What is Household Management Sheet?

Management of the household budget, chore schedule and shopping is possible by the use of the household management sheet. This sheet is a useful resource for managing the different expenses of the house. The purpose of this sheet is to ease and manage the expenses within the specified budget.

Expense Detail:

There exists a number of monthly expenses of the home. Money is being spent on the payment of house rent, groceries, charges of cable TV, electricity, gas supply, school fees, water supply, internet charges etc. Entering the details of various expenses along with the amount provides an estimate of total expense amount. The nature of expense varies from house to house and is dependent on the needs of the individuals residing in the home.


The amount of an expense can be divided according to the number of people sharing the home or apartment. In case of the hostel, there exists more than one roommate who shares, the amount of every expense. For instance, the total rent can be divided equally among all the roommates and can be entered in the sheet. Likewise, the same method can be adapted for groceries and for other expenses that are being shared by more than one person.

At the end of the sheet, the total amount is mentioned in order to prevent the expenses from exceeding the budget. Make the modifications in the worksheet according to the budget.

Household Management Sheet in Excel Format:

Now, no more disturbance of the budget and easy management of the household expenses is possible. All you need to do is to download the template in order to get the most efficient and professionally designed household management sheet. We have here the sheet having all the mandatory elements in it.

  1. Budget Sheet: The sheet is used to prepare a monthly budget. Enter the total income, all the expenses made by the family members or roommates, and the additional notes.
  2. Chore Schedule: This sheet is used to keep a record of all the chores assigned to different family members. You can add the details for each chore that is assigned to a member along with the date and additional notes.
  3. Grocery List: Prepare the grocery list for your family so that you do not miss anything important on the day.

About Template

  • EXCEL template: This is an MS Excel spreadsheet template.
  • Printable: Once you are done with the input you can take a print for your record or punch it on the board.
  • The sample: The sample is blank and you can start using it as soon as you have the worksheet downloaded with you.
  • The design: The design is simple and easy to understand. Some cells in the worksheet contain formulas that you be careful about. Do not make changes to these cells as it may dysfunction the worksheet. However, if you encounter the situation please delete the old file in your computer and DOWNLOAD again from here.
  • Editable template: You can make necessary changes if you think it is required.


Household management worksheet template


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