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How a Bully was made to Feel Small

How a Bully was made to Feel Small

Adam was older and stronger than any other boy in our class. He bullied all the smaller boys in the class, though he did not interfere much with those who were nearly as old or as strong as he. He forced smaller boys to buy him a drink or a meal. Often he would empty the whole disk of food ordered by a boy, who himself had to leave the canteen as hungry as he had entered it.

One day he slapped a small boy, called Smith because he had failed to produce some money that the bully had demanded. The lunch interval was just over and the teacher had not yet arrived when poor smith came crying into the room.

Liam, who was a fairly strong boy himself, asked him what had happened. He stopped to say, between sobs, that Adam had thrashed him. He had not yet finished when Adam entered to room and said to Liam “why do you concern yourself with him? Hope you are not looking for trouble”, Liam a very quiet boy at other times, could not contain himself at this. He stood up and shouted, “Shut up! Don’t you try to bully me!”

The classroom was so quiet that you could have a pin drop. There stood Adam with red eyes and glowing face like a young bull about to butt another. Suddenly, he pounced upon Liam and struck him with a hammer like a fist. Liam warded off the blow, and to the great satisfaction of us, all landed his own left fist on the right jaw of his adversary.

Immediately after this, the whole class was up in arms against Adam. Perhaps Liam’s counter-attack had encouraged us. Some armed with rulers set upon him while others attacked him with their belts. All these weapons of an attack were made free use of. There were cries of “kill him! Break his arms! Break his legs!”

Pain and the tear of losing his life urged Adam to break contact with his assailants and to run out of the classroom. Some of us had suffered so much at his hands, while others hated him so much that we were not yet satisfied with the thrashing that we had just given him. So we came out and chased him, with blows literally raining on him. He was blue all over as a result of the beating and was even bleeding here and there. He cried for mercy, but nobody showed him any. He ran to the headmaster’s office as fast as his legs could carry him.

On reaching the headmaster’s study, he burst into it without the formality of asking for permission to enter. We were so very excited that we also went right in after him. To the headmaster’s apparent amusement, our monitor related the whole incident as it had happened. Then the headmaster reminded Adam of the repeated warnings he had, from time to time, given him against bullying weaker boys. Perhaps that incident would teach him a lesson for the future. Poor Adam could make no reply. Then the headmaster half-heartedly scolded us for having taken the law into our hands. But we were too full of victory to take notice of the scolding or to heed any advice.

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How a Bully was made to Feel Small


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