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Job Description Template

A job description is a document that helps in defining the duties of the newly hired staff. This enables every employee to know what they are responsible for and what they will be held accountable for. Apart from mentioning the details of the level of experience and skill that they will need in order to fulfill their duty honestly and what level of authority they will hold. To cut short, this job description, as the name simplifies, is the summary of all the work an employee is expected to do in the organization. As this tool holds an important place so, it needs to be up-to-date and accurate.

This critical document is considered important in every position as it performs a number of vital functions like it explain the expertise and competencies that the employee is expected to show in order to perform the role. It also defines the capacity of the job and the designation where the certain job fits within the overall hierarchy of the organization. Furthermore, it is also usually used as the basis for the employment contract and a tool to manage the valuable performance of the employee.

A typical job description improves an organization’s capability to administer people and their respective roles in many ways like clarifying an employer’s expectations from the employee, provides reasonable basis for measuring the job performance, providing a clear explanation of the rules for job candidates or hired individual, logically defines the pay and grading systems of the organization, refers to discipline issues of the entity, enables the employee to know the organizational structure and manage the respective roles in a uniform way, etc. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment, training workflow, activity and the customer services, etc.

A typical job description tool should include heading information, a summary of the objectives of the job, qualifications required, any special demands needed for the employee to show and job duties and responsibilities of the particular job. This document may also include job title, pay grade, hierarchy hours or shifts an employee needs to work for, and the likelihood of overtime and the payment accordingly.

Job Description Template for MS Word


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