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Job Order Template

What is the Job Order template?

The job order template is basically a document which a company or organization receives from the external customers or any other department and it contains the description of the work which is required to be completed or the products that are required to be manufactured or purchases. Indeed, it is also considered to be the invoice in some cases. It is also known as to be the job order, service ticket, work ticket or job ticket.

What Information does a job order template Contain?

It contains the slots for mentioning the company, name, company logo, fax no, address and contact number. Give an identity to your job order template by adding this mandatory information.

Besides this, the necessary information to be added is the bill to, ship to, work order number, job, quantity, taxed, tax rate, taxable and some other related information such as the discount etc. The bill to contains the customer name and address who will be billed for the task or job. It may include the specific customer ID. The ship to includes the name and location where shipping of the finished product is to be required. Fill it properly and start using it.

How to get the most professionally designed job order template?

Our professionally designed job order template is quite beneficial for such departments or companies which process a significant number of job order each day. Getting it is quite easy. You are just a simple step away from the most professionally designed job order template which contains all the mandatory information and the description of work that need to be fulfilled.

In order to enjoy using this template for your professional use, all you need to do is to simply click on the download button and fill the slots as per your requirement. The job orders are maintained quite easily and act as a record too. It is quite easy to use and is fully customized. The taxes and total are calculated quite easily by using the job order template and the labor and material are summarized too.


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