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Landscaping Plant List Template


Landscaping has become the very famous thing these days. It refers to the modification of lands like growing or taking care of plants and the garden. Landscape architects have taken place instead of architects and interior designers only. They assess the land and plan it accordingly.

The world has become very conscious of the importance of preserving the environment. The landscape architects work to protect the untouched natural land and resources. Landscape architects have the skills to manage a balance between the beautiful land, healthy environment and human needs.

The job of a landscape architect can be very challenging as he/she must consider the beauty of the environment but also needs to save the environment.

The industrial revolution has always made us feel that it was much needed and without it, humanity could not have progressed. It is true its own way but with this industrial revolution, the world faced various problems. One of the major problems is the contamination of the surrounding areas of the factories.

Whatever benefits these factories bring in our lives, we still know the fact that they are responsible for the polluted environments. Even if a factory shuts down, the contamination stays for years. But the effect can be reduced by cleaning the area and planting more trees and greenery.

Saving the water can be a real issue. We are wasting water like anything in our regular lives ignoring the fact that we might be facing water shortage soon. Plantation and landscaping can help in rejuvenating the lands with water. Landscaping can have numerous benefits from controlling air pollution to producing more oxygen and cleaning up the environment.

About Template

If you cannot hire a professional landscaping architect, then you can even maintain your own garden or green lands. A plant list or a plant schedule can help to plan the landscape area.

The plant list can include the pictures or symbols of the plants. The quantities in which they need to be planted can also be mentioned along with the symbols. It is a good practice to write the botanical names of the plants along with their common names. It can make it easy to buy them.

The size of the plant should also be mentioned as it helps to get the plant per the space you have.

Enjoy the following template for MS Excel to DOWNLOAD & CUSTOMIZE as per your requirement.


Landscaping Plant List Template


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