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Lease Modification Agreement Form

Nowadays it is seen commonly that people lend their property either residential or commercial for mutual benefits. The person who pays the rent or lessee gets to use the property without buying it and the lessor, in this case, makes some money out of his property.

In this kind of situation in order to avoid future conflicts people sign a lease agreement that has all conditions for usage and rent mentioned in it. Copy of the agreement is kept by both the parties.

There might arise a situation where one of the two parties would like to make changes to the agreement after it has been signed. The clause in question can then be altered by filling a lease amendment form.

This is a simple document that gives you the freedom to make the desired changes in certain terms while the rest of the agreement remains intact and in full effect. Amendment can be of any type, for example, you may include or edit a clause or remove the previous one entirely. All you need to do is fill out the amendment form excluding the only condition you want to change.

Here it should be noted that a lease amendment contract is not valid if it is not signed by both the parties. This indicates that the change was welcomed by both the groups and the decision was carried out in harmony. Apart from filling this amendment form, the original lease document should also be attached to it.

As the original document is always attached with the amendment form you are not required to fill much extra information in it. The basic information you are asked to put in the form includes:

  • Name of the landlord
  • Complete address of the landlord
  • Name of the tenant
  • Complete address of the tenant
  • Description of the property on lease
  • The amendment that has to be made with the date from which it will be effective.
  • The document should be signed by both the parties

We here provide you with a number of different templates that can be used as a valid lease amendment form. These templates are really handy and are made while keeping in mind all the rules and obligations needed for them to be legally correct. You can use them for making amendments to your original document and hence you can save yourself from the pain of overhauling the whole original document.


Lease Agreement Amendment Form


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