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Letter To Landlord To Reduce Shop Rent

Letter to landlord to reduce shop rent is a significant request letter which depicts the problems of a shopkeeper. It represents the poor business condition of the shopkeeper. Establishing a business is easy but running is quite tough. Rental shops usually have to experience the issue of increase in rental amount.

Usually, landlord increases the rent on a yearly basis as per contract. Combating with such issues is necessary as it leaves a direct impact on the performance of business too. One gets much stressed to pay the rental amount. The shopkeeper can take the aid of the request letter to reduce shop rent in order to take himself out of this tough scenario.

Mention the condition of your business in this letter so that the landlord can have a view of your financial status. Address the landlord in the politest tone. The more humble and convincing the letter would be, the more chances of its approval would become.

The tenant can request for the shorter term deduction or long-term reduction as per their need.

Do mention the status of previous rental payments especially, if you are among those shopkeepers who pay rent with punctuality. Mentioning such facts is of great concern as landlord wishes to retain such people who do not trouble him with rental payments.

Let the landlord know that you are comfortable in this shop and does not want to move anywhere else. But, this high rental burden enforces you to shift from here.

The format used for this request letter should be simple and clear. Ensure the landlord that you would be able to afford the rental increase as the economy would be better. Reduced profit or loss in business are the primary reasons which hinder a shopkeeper to pay the complete rental amount.

Never make enormous complaints in the request letter as it leaves a negative impact on the mind of the recipient. This request letter can be sent to the landlord by email or courier.

Sample Letter To Landlord To Reduce Shop Rent

Date: Day/Month/Year

Shop Owner Name
City, State, Province
Phone (000) 000 0000

Dear Mr/Miss,

This is to request you to reduce the rent of the premises being occupied by me by $ [Amount] per month. The rent of this shop was fixed some eight years back when there was an acute shortage of shops. The shop’s position has definitely improved during the last three years and the rent in our locality is comparatively lower then what I am paying. Besides, I think I have always paid all your dues in time without asking you to carry out any repairs on the premises.

Even the cost of whitewashing every year has been borne by me although it is quite contrary to the agreement. I am sure in view of our long relations you will consider my request and reduce the rent from next month.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Hameez


Letter to Landlord to Reduce Shop Rent


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