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Medical Health Record Worksheet Template

A new and genuine car will run fast and perform efficiently every action. It will take you miles over miles without showing any disturbing situation. But as soon it is used roughly and without maintenance, things will start rusting.

For instance, if you’ve traveled maximum limit and the oil needs to be changed or the tires aren’t working properly because they need repair, in that situation if you prolong its maintenance or don’t do it at all eventually your car’s situation will get worse.

For this reason, it is always recommended to properly maintain each and everything and show it regularly to its experts. Similar is the case of any human being.

A healthy body has the capacity to deal with the bacteria’s inside and has a strong immune system. If this person pays attention to his own self and maintains a good and balanced diet, there are fewer chances of his bad health. But this too demands thorough and regular checkups of his medical condition. For a healthy and balanced life, regular follow-ups are necessary.

Like everything needs proper record and maintenance so is our health. We need to know each information about our medical health and maintains a complete record of whatever we received by examination.

A famous saying states that if you have the life you have the world. Maintaining your health record is very simple yet very important. Especially in this era of technology where everything is computerized and automated, maintaining record worksheets are very easy. Just after you pay your regular scheduled visit to your personal doctor, record the findings of that visit. This will allow you to maintain a complete and sequential record of your personal medical health.

Different worksheets are available to ease this task. People need to maintain a record of their vaccines, medicines, and other treatments and sometimes in a busy routine thing get out of mind, this is when these worksheets come in handy.

People often make these worksheets differently some additional details of all their appointments, their previous history of all treatments and surgeries done and medications. Other maintain simple record sheets that identify the findings and results of their meetings with doctors, their medication, and diet plan to be followed recommended by the doctor.

The main purpose of these medical health record worksheets, however, is same everywhere and that is to maintain proper health information of an individual to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

There are templates available for this task and that can be easily modified anytime by anyone according to their needs and situation. But a simple medical health record worksheet normally includes the following points:

  • Name and gender of the person for whom the worksheet is to be prepared.
  • His marital status and date of birth.
  • His email id and contact number.
  • His medical condition is mentioned along with the risk factors and allergies.

A complete medication record is mentioned which includes the following things:

  • Date, medicines recommended with their quantity to be taken. Mention the days for which the person has to take the medicine.
  • Mention the name of the doctor who visited and the diagnosis he made.
  • Define the result or outcome of the medication.

There are many things that can be added to these record worksheets and the detailed the record is, the more useful it will be.


Medical health record worksheet


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