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Medication Intake Schedule Template

Good health is very important for a happy and prosperous life. Good health not only affects our family life but it helps us to improve the economic growth of our country. Strong and healthy nations can work hard and live a longer life.

Medicine is not a modern concept. It takes us back to the history of the Greeks and the Romans who had great knowledge of healing human bodies. Archeological research has provided us with various proofs about the medieval medicines and healing processes.

Medicine is one of the necessity these days. Food and exercise are important for a healthy life, but so are medicines. The word medicine is derived from the Latin word ‘medicine’ which means healing. Medicines and human existence go hand in hand.

As humans are extending, we come through various diseases every day. With the advancement in technology, we also see developments in medicines. In the medieval times, diseases were treated as taboos. There was no research or even diagnosis regarding diseases and so no medicines were created.

A lot of people have a habit of not taking medicines as prescribed or taking it the way they want. Taking medicines against the prescription means taking medicines in the wrong quantity, at wrong times, or even taking what is not even prescribed. Whatever the reasons, not following the proper instructions can be dangerous. According to a survey, people of all ages from different educational backgrounds find it hard to comply with the medication schedule.

People with minor infections are found to take medicines on time whereas, people with serious diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes are more careless. One of the reasons for not following the medical routine could be due to the long-term span of taking medicines. Infections are short term and can be cured within days. Whereas, serious diseases can take months or even years making the patients more careless.

Medicines only work when they are taken in the right manner. Sometimes people might not take medicines due to busy routines and forgetfulness. In such situations, making a medication schedule can be helpful. You can make your own timetable by stating all the medicines you need to take. Don’t forget to mention the quantity or the dose you need every day. Also, mention the time which will help you remember when the last time you had your pills.

Following is given a template that will help you prepare your medication schedule in an easy way.


Medication intake schedule template


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