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Medication Log Template

Medication Schedule & Logs

Our life can have different phases and so can our health. Changing our lifestyle when we fall sick or face a disease is not a good idea. If we want to live a long-term healthy life, we need to adopt a permanent healthy lifestyle. Once you get into a habit of a healthy lifestyle, you will be able to feel, sense and experience the change and you will not be able to live without it.

For living a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to eat well and live an active life. Use of medicines has a long-lasting history taking us back to the ancient Romans and Egyptians times. The Egyptians based their knowledge of medicine on legendary myths and stories but they also had a know-how of human anatomy and common sense.

Some ancient digs have proved and shown signs of Egyptians physicians and medical prescriptions. Some of the physicians in ancient Egypt were only available to the kings. After the death of some of the famous physicians, they were praised as the healing gods.

It is very important to keep your own medical records. It can be hard to remember everything if you are consulting multiple doctors for various diseases. Although your personal and family doctors do maintain your health records it can be very advantageous to maintain your own personal copy as well. Maintaining records of your past appointments, any test reports, medicines and prescriptions can help save time for the doctors in future.

With the advancement of medicine and science, different ways can be used to maintain health and medicine records. If you fall for a disease and you want to be cured properly, you need to take your medicines as prescribed by your doctor. Taking more or less of the prescribed medicine can be injurious to health.

About Template

According to a research, only 3 out of 10 people take medicines as prescribed by the doctor. The major reason for not being able to follow the prescription is due to not maintaining a medicine log. A medicine log can help you maintain a routine to take medicines as prescribed. A medication log includes the names of all the medicines you need to take along with their dose. It will be beneficial to take note of the timings the medicines need to be taken.


Medication Log Template


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