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Meeting Minute Templates

What is Meeting Minute Template?

A meeting minute template is a significant document to keep the track of proceedings such as staff meeting, board meeting or informal committee meeting. It is indeed a great facility for the companies and organizations to quickly make notes regarding the meeting. The people who were not present at the meeting or were absent due to some reason can get the main idea and concept of the meeting by just having a bird’s eye view of the meeting minute document. It is of great use for the professional purpose and especially in organizations where important meetings are held frequently.

Meeting Date:

The meeting minute template has the slot for the meeting date, meeting time, meeting day and meeting location. All these mandatory information are ample to keep the record that which meeting was held where and on which day. In addition to this, our meeting minute template also facilitates the companies by providing the option of a meeting called by. In this way, the significance of points could be analyzed properly that either this meeting is called by CEO or any subordinate. Who is responsible for calling the meeting is an important information which needs to be mentioned.

Meeting Purpose:

It lets you know that what is the main aim of calling the meeting. Either it is going to be about the financial issue or promotions of the staff. May it would be about the new methodology that the company is about to take for its welfare.

Agenda Topics:

The main agenda and points discussed by the presenters can be mentioned here. Any other important discussions regarding the meeting can be written on our meeting minute template.

Meeting Minute Template in MS Word Format:

We have successfully designed an amazing meeting minute template by keeping in mind all the important fields that could help you out fabulously. Get this template by simply downloading the button given below:

Word file format: Fill all the details regarding your meeting in the Microsoft Word sheet.

Instantly printable: fill out the fields and get the print.

Blank sample: Use it whenever you want.

Intuitive design: It is the professional format having all important fields in it.

Fully customizable: Edit it according to your company’s need.


MS Word Meeting Minute Template


MS Word Meeting Minute Template


MS Word Meeting Minute Template


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