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Microsoft Word Envelope Templates

What is Envelope Template?

An envelope template is a great facility and an amazing alternate of envelopes. It brings ease to your life by being the easiest and rapid method. One can easily communicate with other people or invite them to their events by using this super fast and brilliant envelope templates.

Now, one does not need to go out in the market to purchase the envelope. You can get the best use of the envelope template when required. You can use the envelope templates for tremendous events. These are best for Christmas cards, wedding cards, greeting cards and much more.

Designing of Envelope Template:

The designing of the envelope should be in accordance with the event for which it is going to be used. Another approach to designing it is to mention the logo and name of the company who is going to use it to invite guests. Customize it the way you want. It would not be wrong to say that the plain envelope templates having sophisticated design are liked and appreciated by millions of people.

Sizes of Envelope Template:

When it comes to the sizes of the envelope template then the most popular sizes of it ranges from A2 to A10. Card of any size can be easily accommodated in these templates. Greeting others or inviting people has become so magical and exciting by the use of envelope templates. Choose the size of your desire. The dimensions of the card display a key role in selecting the right size of envelope template.

Assembling Envelope Template:

Assembling the envelope template is a piece of cake. All you need to have a printer in order to get the print of our professionally designed envelope. After taking print of it, use the glue or tape in order to assemble it. A2 envelope template is the most popular and frequently used size for the cards.

Download the template and use it when required. It is beneficial for both the personal and professional use. Get as many prints as you want and enjoy the potential benefit of this amazing facility.


Size: 9.5″ x 4.12″

MS Word Envelope Template


MS Word Envelope Template


Envelope Template


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