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Mortgage Proposal Template

Mortgage proposal is a document written in order to let the other person know of your intentions. A lender often writes the proposal to explain the terms and conditions under which he will provide the loan. The person who wants money can go through these mortgage proposals provided by different lenders and compare the interest rate and other information. This will help him in taking the right decision.

A person who needs to borrow money creates this document to persuade a lender so that he agrees to give him a loan. Forgetting a loan you have to give a financial statement describing your income and expenses. Your current status lets everyone know the reason why you need a loan and why should they trust you for paying the debt on time.

Writing a proposal is often considered a requirement as this aids in setting all the terms and conditions under which the deal is made. So it is necessary that you send the document, after its completion, to the lender so that he can also go through the document before making a deal.

The document should be signed by both the parties with a date. This will be an indication that the deal was carried out with the agreement. This will also assist in avoiding any future conflicts. Let’s say if due to some reason you could not pay debt on time in future, the document will force your lender to take reasonable measures and reach an agreement with you about how you will pay your debt.

Some points should be kept in mind while writing a proposal. These include:

  • Clearly mentioning your name
  • Mentioning your address and contact details
  • Description of your mortgage
  • Your current status
  • Your plan of action for resolving issues
  • Timescale required for solving the problems
  • Proof if possible that confirms your current status

We here provide you different templates that can be used in place of a mortgage proposal. Available templates are made by professionals while keeping in mind all rules and regulations so that they are legally acceptable. These templates are made easy to use and flexible hence they can be adjusted according to your requirements in no time.

All you need is to take a look at these templates and select the one that suits you the best.

Template Preview

Mortgage Proposal Template


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