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Multiple Projects Performance Report

A performance report is required for keeping track of all the items which are directly or indirectly related to the work you are doing. It is very significant as it allows you to evaluate whether the methodology you applied for carrying out a certain task has proved to be beneficial or not.

In case it wasn’t as fruitful as it was considered and is not taking you towards your goal you might consider changing it. Performance report helps you grow and reach your aims by providing a clear picture of your objectives.

In addition to this performance report also points out the strength and weaknesses of the path exploited for reaching your targets. By looking at the importance of performance report you need to manage such a report for discovering new opportunities for growth and development of your business. A report usually includes

  • Past performance analysis
  • Short summary illustrating all the changes made in this period
  • The present position of all the issues and risks
  • Tasks accomplished for this reporting period
  • Tasks to be accomplished in the upcoming reporting period
  • Estimated time for completion of all the upcoming projects and tasks
  • Miscellaneous information which needs to be reviewed by stakeholders.

You can manage a performance report for multiple projects at the same time. All you need to do is to add information about all those projects in the same document at their specified places. This will allow you to only compare the performance of a certain project with past year performance but you can also compare the performance of multiple projects with each other at the same time.

It is obvious by looking at the list of a requirement in a performance report that constructing a new document from scratch would not be a piece of cake. So here we provide you with the number of different templates that already have places specified to enter all this data. Moreover, they are made editable so you can add your own information according to your need.

Apart from being the easiest and the fastest way of creating a performance report for multiple projects using templates have other befits too. It ensures that you are adding only the required information and are fully guided about its formatting so that you make a comprehensive report excluding extra details.

By using the template for creating you performance report you will end up with a professional looking report in no time. So why wait to browse through all the available templates and download the one that best suits your needs and get started.

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Multiple Projects Performance Report


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