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Notice to Reclaim Goods

Shipment of Goods

The majority of the business and organizations are associated with the selling of products to their customers. For getting these products, the companies have to contact the supplier. Both the parties make an agreement after negotiation. Buyer is held responsible for timely payment of the goods while the supplier takes the responsibility to ship it to the buyer’s door within the specified time frame mentioned in the agreement. This professional way of shipment of goods is being followed smoothly and flawlessly in all the reputed and prestigious companies and organizations.

The company then utilizes the good or sell it to their customers as per their business demand.

Notice to Reclaim Goods:

Sometimes, the supplier may wish to get the products back, which he sent to the buyer. There may be several reasons for asking the return of delivered goods. If the supplier wishes to have his shipped products returned to him, then he has to adopt the professional way. Sending the ‘’Notice to Reclaim Goods’’ to the buyer is the professional and efficient way. This notice claims that the supplier demands the products back and also states the reason for such claim.

Reason for Claiming Goods Back:

There may be a possibility that the manufacturer informed the supplier that the products are defective. Hence the supplier sends this notice to all the customers to whom he sends goods in order to give the products to manufacturer either for repairing or replacing the goods. Likewise, in case of finding the buyer to be bankrupt, the supplier can take the aid of this notice to get his shipped goods back to him.

Legal Action:

If the supplier fails to get the payment from the buyer either due to bouncing of check or any other reason then he sends this notice to him. He wants to save himself from the loss by getting his products back. If the buyer fails to do so, then the supplier has the right to take legal action against him while sending this notice is his last chance for claiming the goods. He should take this step from taking any strong action.


Notice to Reclaim Goods


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