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Nursing Data Worksheet Template

A nurse is a person who is trained to take care and look after the sick and disabled people. A nurse can have various roles like some nurses may also assist senior doctors. The nurses are trained in a way that they work and strive to make their patients feel better.

Nursing is a very demanding role. Nurses play an integral role in the healthcare sector. This is one of the reasons that they are known as the heart of the healthcare. Every person cannot be trained to be a nurse. It needs a lot of dedication and commitment to look after someone.

Nursing is a very challenging role as a nurse must juggle between various roles at the same time. She has to be a caretaker, a teacher and even the best communicator between the doctor and the patient.

Every patient is on a different level of sickness. So, the nurse needs to look after every patient according to their needs. Some patients need more care and attention than others. A nurse has to be a good decision maker. We perceive nurses to be ordinary caretakers and we think that their only job is to assist the doctors. But, they need to assess the condition of every patient and take steps accordingly.

For any system to work well, a good communicator is a key. A nurse is a communicator between the doctor, patient and his/her family. So, if the communicator is good, the healing process will be quick. Whereas, a bad communicator can make the healing process slow and hard.

A nurse is also a teacher for the patient. A nurse should know how much knowledge the patient should have about his disease. Awareness of any disease will make the patient more conscious of looking after his health and it will also make him more independent.

About Template

Nurses put a lot of heart and effort in their patients. And they deserve a good reward for all their efforts. A nursing data worksheet can help to keep track of the nurse’s performance. It includes the names of the patients admitted along with the nurse responsible for the patient.

The unit/department in which the nurse is working should also be mentioned. The task assigned to the nurse and the time taken to complete that task should also be noted. It is one of the biggest indications of the performance of the nurse.

Following nursing data worksheet template is the best tool for all this.


Nursing data worksheet template


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