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Packing Slip Templates

Companies ship their goods to other companies or organization by using a significant document named packing slip. The packing slip is also known as a bill of parcel or waybill. This document is being sent with the shipment. It includes the detail of goods that are packed inside the parcel.

A packing slip template is a facilitating document as it let the receiver knows about the goods that are sent to him. Having a look at the packing slip reveals that what products are shipped to the company. Either it is in accordance with the placed order or not.

Ship To:

The packing slip template should include the details of the company to whom the shipment is sent. The ship to includes the recipient name, recipient contact details, and address. It is necessary to mention and fill the details of the “Ship to” portion. It depicts that in which area the recipient lives. Hence, the shipment is made to that respective area.

Ship From:

Ship from includes the details regarding the sender of the parcel. The package slip template contains both mandatory fields i.e ship to and ship from. Mention the sender name along with his contact number and address.

Product Details:

In addition to the ship to and ship from, it is necessary to mention the details of the goods on the packing slip template. All the products along with the name and description of it should be written on the packing slip. Consider mentioning the model name too in front of the product name.


Both the ordered quantity of goods and shipped quantity should be mentioned on the slip. By viewing the packing slip, the recipient gets to know about the products which are pending to be delivered.


Mention the date on which the packing slip is written. The date reflects the professionalism and also aids in the record keeping. Do mention the date clearly. Designing should be simple enough so that anyone can use it easily. The simple format eases the people to fill the details in it.


Packing slip template


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