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Patient Face Sheet Template

The face sheet is typically required by the hospitals or the doctors. It is a document which usually consists of one sheet and is known to contain all the important information related to the patient. This sorts the information in such a way that it helps the doctor to know everything he needs to know about the patient in only one quick glance.

Face sheet usually contains the contact details of the patient, summary of the patient’s medical history, Disease of the patient, his current status, any specific preferences provided by him as well as few also have area specified for writing the wishes provided by the patient.

As it contains all the important information in one place so this sheet is placed at the reception desk and in patient’s file so that it is easily accessible when required. So, if you are a person who runs a hospital or is a doctor who wants to keep a record of your patients these patient face sheets would prove to be very handy for you.

We here provide you access to the readymade face sheets. The comprehensive nature of these templates allows you to add detailed information about the patient in the most conclusive way.

These face sheet templates are made according to the requirement of a hospital and are designed to contain all the important information and hence can be directly used as a form without any further changes.

Furthermore, these templates are also provided with an option of easy edit to allow you to add or remove any query from the form. Thus, now you can either use them in their original form or can modify them according to your desire to give them a touch of your own.

Templates are made to cover following points:

  • Name of the patient
  • Complete contact details about the patient
  • Other miscellaneous information which includes his sex, race, marital status, Date of birth and his ID number.
  • The disease currently diagnosed to the patient
  • Past medical history of the patient.
  • Current functioning of the patient
  • Contact details of the immediate relative to communicate in case of emergency
  • Name of the physician looking after the patient and his contact details.

Download the desired template from the given link below and give it a try.


Patient Face Sheet Template


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