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Payslip Templates

What is a Payslip Template?

A payslip template is a document which contains the data regarding the employee’s salary. It is the printed or soft form which is sent to the employee via email. The organizations and companies use the payslip template to provide their employees a detailed breakup of the wage at salary payment time.

Company Details:

The payslip template includes the name of the company and the logo who is providing the payslip to the employee. In addition to this, it also contains the address of the company. Other mandatory details include the email id, fax number, and phone number.

Employee Details:

We design the payslip template in a professional and creative way having all necessary details such as employee name, employee ID, Job title, job status and the date on which the payslip is being generated.

Balance Details:

The balance is mentioned according to days & dates worked. It also has the slot for mentioning the total amount and the deduction amount. The number of hours the employee has worked and the money he earned in this duration is mentioned in the template. The total wages he earned is written as per his working hours which the company has to pay him.


At the bottom of the payslip template, there is a quite important slot which is for signature. The signature makes it the official and authentic document.

Payslip Template in Excel Format:

Get your hands on our professionally designed payslip template by simply download it. In order to download it, click on the download button mentioned below. Some useful features of the template are given below

  • MS Excel 2003+: Fill all the details regarding the payslip in the Microsoft Excel sheet.
  • Printable: fill out the relevant details and get the print instantly.
  • Sample format: It is the fabulous reusable format. Use it whenever you want.
  • Intuitive design: It is the professional format which is simple and clear too. It has all important fields in it including the company name and logo. It also includes the wages details and the deduction detail so that the whole balance amount is cleared to the employee.
  • Fully customizable: Edit it according to your company’s need and policies.



Payslip Templates



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