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Petty Cash Log Template

What is Petty Cash Log Template?

A petty cash log template is a significant document for the official use. It lets you manage the petty cash of your esteemed and reputed company. It is beneficial for the business to have the petty cash log in order to track the physical cash in accordance to the receipts of the expenditures. The cash of the company is kept in a secure place or locked in the cabinet, or envelope. The major areas where the petty cash is used are a refreshment, meetings, reimbursement of the employee or some miscellaneous expense.

The significance of Petty Cash Log Template:

The petty cash log template lets the companies and organizations make the record of the spent cash along with the date of expenditure, payee name, purpose for which expense was made and the amount of the cash spent on a particular purchase, repairing or refreshment. The company having no petty cash log template would not become able to track the details of expenditure and fails to maintain the petty cash. No controlling on the lavish use would be maintained.

Professionally Designed Petty Cash Log Template:

We focus much in designing the petty cash log template and carefully added all the mandatory details regarding the petty cash that could help the company for maintaining the record of petty cash and having a strict control over it. This professionally designed petty cash log template includes company name, company logo, cash in, cash out and balanced detail. The final balance, cash on hand and difference is mentioned too.

The duration of the month for which the petty cash is used is mentioned too which let the company view the record of petty cash of previous months too.

Get your hands on the most professionally and creatively designed petty cash log template by simply downloading it. In order to download it, simply click on the download button and start using it for the official use and relish the amazing benefits of it. You can add and fill the details in the template and get the calculated amount or balanced amount instantly.


petty cash log template


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