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Pilot Logbooks

The airplane industry has been evolving through ages and years and has taken major steps to improve the way we travel. This mode of traveling has improved and made lives easier for many nations and cultures.

Everyone is familiar with the most significant development of the Wright Brothers. The duo was responsible for the ever-changing development in the aeronautical industry.

Going back to the history, mankind used all forms of transport available. We all know that beasts were used most commonly to carry goods around. These modes of travel and transferring goods might be cheap but they had their cost in terms of time and security. Now, you can even move your own car anywhere around the world you want.

Ships were used for a very long time to transport people and goods traveling oceans and taking months rather than days. Airplanes made it very easy to not just get your things securely but also in just a matter of few hours or within a day.

Airplanes have made our lives very easy. They have made it easy to connect anywhere in the world you want. Businesses have flourished and the world has become more globalized. The airplane industry has created a lot more opportunities in various ways. People travel more than before. It has become easier to learn foreign cultures and make friends as it is easy to travel.

Before the advent of planes, the economies were not growing that well. International business and trade have improved a lot as now it is easy to meet someone and conduct meetings in person. With all these benefits we see, the airline industry faces some real time challenges every day.

Safety is the major concern of most of the people these days. The airline industry has struggled a lot to provide the safest travel to people. Operating an airline industry is one of the toughest jobs as a lot of stakes is always involved in it.

Most of the airline’s industries maintain their pilot logbooks. A pilot logbook is a very detailed account prepared for the pilot.

It has information such as the date of travel, the aircraft type and the route of the flight. Most of the times, the logbook will also include the condition of the aircraft. Timing is one of the key factors that should be considered by the pilot. The flight time and the duration of the flight will be included in the log for the pilot.

Following is given a day logbook worksheet template for MS Excel. It can also be used for keeping a log of all-day activities other than being an airplane pilot.


Pilot logbook template


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