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Planned Parenthood Abortion Form

Planned Parenthood Abortion Form

Most people are familiar with the word “abortion”. For those who aren’t aware, abortion is a clinical procedure used for terminating a pregnancy. Usually, abortion is performed within the first 28 weeks.

Abortion is thought to be a critical process thus is strictly guided by the laws of the country. Most countries allow it considering it to be part of the Planned Parenthood while others have reservations on it due to a difference in their religious beliefs.

However, there are hospitals that provide this facility to the couples who aren’t prepared for the responsibility of a child. These hospitals have set their own rules as they do the procedure under certain conditions which include the exact age of the embryo as well as the reason for getting the procedure.

Another condition is that they make the couple fill out a form which states that they are getting this procedure willingly and are well aware of the risks involved. This avoids the future conflicts which may arise otherwise.

We have templates available for all such hospitals and other maternity care centers. These templates will save your time and energy. These are made by following the legal rules and regulations thus have all the important questions included.

Following are some of the aspects these templates have:

  • The templates are made to have an empty slot at the top to put the logo of the hospital so that the form indicates that it is the property of that hospital and should not be used anywhere else.
  • It has space for writing down the complete name and address of the recipient so that the patient is easy to trace back if needed.
  • The table is given for writing details of the procedure performed.
  • It is also important to write the date on which procedure was performed.
  • The form also asks for the reason of getting the procedure.
  • Name and address of the physician who provided the services should also be mentioned.
  • Other information of the physician includes his contact number and signatures with a stamp.

As the above features indicate these templates contain everything you need. All you need to do is to download one and get started.


Planned Parenthood Abortion Form


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