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Plumbing Services Receipt Template

Business forms are a necessity for running any kind of business. Out of these forms, the most commonly used is invoice. A company when provides any sort of service it also charges for it whereas on the other hand, the client who has to pay that money would ask for a receipt as a proof of no undue payment. An invoice here will do it all.

Same is the case with providing plumbing services. Now no matter you provide plumbing services as a person or you own a plumbing business an invoice is what you need the most. One can create an invoice himself or on the other hand, he can simply purchase a blank invoice.

Although from the above-stated options one would like to pick the second one as it seems to be a rather easier way. But that’s not the case because only if one makes an invoice by himself he will be able to introduce a touch of his own in it. He can use that invoice as a signature mark for his company as it will be different from the usually used invoices.

Apart from all this making invoice, yourself is cost-effective because the ones you purchase from a professional will cost you a fortune. So, here we provide you with a number of different templates which can be edited and used as a plumbing invoice.There are a number of advantages you have when you use these templates. Few are described as following:

  • You can gear information in it of your choice.
  • You would be able to put your company logo at the top as well as you can enter your company license number which would make your invoice look professional.
  • You can also provide your name and contact number at the end so that you can be contacted again in case of any work.
  • You can leave space for writing details about the job you did and the amount you are going to charge for it.
  • You can add a column for giving details about the material you bought for carrying out the task e.g. PVC pipes.
  • The serial number marked on the invoice will help you to keep track of all your work.
  • You can provide any guarantee of your performed job.
  • You can even add it the way you would like to be paid.

All the above-cited benefits surely make using the available templates as an invoice a better option. So save your time and money and get started.


Plumbing Service Invoice with Hours and Rate

Plumbing Service invoice with hours and rate



Plumbing Invoice Template MS Excel

Plumbing Invoice Template


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