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Presentation Feedback Forms

Presentations are a mean of giving deeper and clearer insight into the details of any project or program. It is essential to demonstrate and explain all the details of the project to the team that is involved in it. Whether the presentation is a project, a product or is given in a session or seminar, the main purpose is to educate the audiences.

Presentation feedback is given by the audiences to judge the quality, credibility, and effectiveness of the presentation. Giving a presentation is also a skill since a lot of confidence and verbal skills are employed during it. It is not everyone’s piece of cake.

Presentation and presenter

A presenter is the one whose job is to deliver all the essential knowledge and information to the audience during a presentation. The communication and speaking skills of the speaker mean a lot. If he is not able to impart the basic info and concepts to the audience, he is not right for the job. The other thing that matters the most is the quality of the presentations. Audiences observe the details very deeply. The information is relevant to the topic or not is the main concern. They judge the speaker by his gestures. So keep in mind to get a professional speaker on such events.

Presentation feedback essentials

  • Keep the feedback simple and easy. It shouldn’t be too long to fill.
  • Ask them about the quality of the presentation.
  • Was the presentation relevant to the topic of the session?
  • What are their views on the audio and visual facilities?
  • What are their views on the speaker?
  • Was the speaker able to communicate with the audience?
  • Were you able to understand the body language and gestures of the speaker?
  • Were their queries answered successfully?
  • Are they satisfied with the timing and location of the session?
  • What are things you most liked about the presentation?
  • Any suggestions you want us to make?

A lot of companies focus on the presentation skills of their employees since some presentations are worth millions of dollars. To get a feedback, a sample of feedback form from our company is provided below. Download it and use it.

Presentation Evaluation & Feedback Form


Presentation Feedback Form Template


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