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Product Recall Letter

If you run a company that sells products to its costumers you would know that it sometimes happens that single product or even the complete batch of products gets faulty. In such a case it is very important that you take a quick action because if you fail to do so it can cause a lot of trouble for you and your company.

Your first priority should be informing your costumers about the issue and providing them with a way of returning the faulty items. A product recall notice is written for this purpose. It is usually a plain document that displays the details of the item that is faulty.

If this ever happens to your company you would have to make this document from scratch. Don’t worry we have a way of saving your precious time so that you can focus on other important matters related to the issue.

We here supply you a number of different templates that can be used directly as product recall letter. All these templates are made with variations so that you can make a selection out of them.

Some of the important points that all these templates contain are as following:

  • There is a space provided in the upper portion of the letter to write the name of the company as well as its logo. This gives the template a more professional look.
  • Space is provided to give the picture of the product so that no ambiguity is left behind.
  • Space is also provided for writing the description of the product.
  • Next, to it, the defect in the product is mentioned clearly.
  • A summary of the hazard that defect can cause is also mentioned for the information of the costumes.
  • A set of instructions are given for the costumes to follow. It includes stopping them from using that item and reporting as soon as possible to the company about the product so that it can be sent back to the company for either replacement or refund.
  • In the end, contact details are provided for the costumes so that they can contact the company easily.

Download the template you like the most and enjoy.


Product Recall Letter


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