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Property Inventory List Template

What is Property Inventory Template?

The property of inventory template is a significant document which lets the landlord know the status of his property inventory in detail. Using this professional tool facilitates the landlord in knowing the areas that require repair. It prevents the conflicts and disputes between both parties, landlords, and tenants. This document must be signed and both parties should have to keep a copy of it.


One should not forget to mention the date while designing the property inventory template. It is necessary to write the date clearly and accurately on the template.

Address Of Property:

The complete address of property should be mentioned on the property inventory template. The written address should be proper and accurate. Mentioning the address aware the person about the particular property for which the inventory template has been prepared.

Areas Of Property Inventory Template:

The different areas of property inventory template include the entrance/hall, reception, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom etc. All these areas should further depict the inventory of it such ass furniture, walls, sink, ceiling, gas, floor, microwave, fridge, table, chair, cutlery, crockery, pots, curtains, cooker, beds, couch etc.

Status Of Inventory:

In front of all the inventories mentioned for a particular area, do mention the condition of it. Inspect all the inventory quite carefully and keep on filling the document accordingly. Mention the repairing tasks that need to be accomplished. Mention the flaws for a specific area in front of it, if any. If the condition is up to the mark then do mention it in the property inventory template. All sorts of information regarding the property inventory should be mentioned in the template. The format should be kept simple and easy.

Tenant And Landlord Details:

In addition to the details of the property and inventory, do mention the name of the tenant and landlord on the template. The signature along with the date should be presented over there in order to make the document effective and professional. It confirms that all the stated information is true and accurate. After the inspection of all the inventory, both parties sign the document.


Property Inventory List Template

Property Inventory Template


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