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Property Service Contract Agreement

Property Service Contract Agreement

There are companies who provide services for managing your property. It can be either residential or commercial. These companies are basically looking after the building on owner’s behalf. In such an adjustment the company and the owner make an agreement to run this business smoothly. This document is called the property service contract agreement.

We have templates available for you that you can use a property management service agreement. All these templates are made by keeping in mind all the important aspects thus, are capable of being used directly after download.

Moreover, these templates can be edited easily hence, you can add or remove any part of the information you like. Additionally, you would save not only your time and energy but also your money.

The agreement templates generally contain the following aspects:

  • To give the agreement a professional look space is provided at the top right corner of the form to place the company’s logo. This is a clear indication that the form is the property of that specific company hence should not be used for any other purpose.
  • Apart from the company’s logo, the complete name of the company with an address is also mentioned just below the company logo so that it is visible to everyone.
  • It is usually considered that putting contact information is beneficial because it allows other people to contact you in case of any query and this further helps in extending your business.
  • Later in the agreement, it is clearly stated that this agreement is being held between which two parties with their complete addresses.
  • The list of services is also mentioned that the company would be providing to the owner in the future.
  • The start and end date of the agreement are also clearly mentioned to keep things clear.
  • You can add the clause about the policy for renewing the agreement if you desire
  • A section is completely dedicated to mentioning the details about the property for which the agreement is being made.
  • You can mention any requirements you need your client to attach with the form.
  • Location at the end of the document is specified for the two parties to sign with a date.


Property Service Contract Agreement


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