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Quarterly Sales Report Template

Sales report is a significant document for a company. The performance of the company or organization is depicted in the sales report. The quarterly sales report represents the sales growth or volume and the trends of sales followed in the last three months.

A company gets a clear idea from the quarterly sales report that either the sales are increasing or decreasing. The sales report lets the companies make various important decisions. Analyze the report and formulate the plans that lead to optimum outcomes.

Company Name:

The quarterly sales report contains the title of “Quarterly Sales Report”. It includes the name of the company and the logo of it. Mention the date on which the report is prepared. Mention the contact details of the company as well.

Sales Details:

The details regarding the sales made in the whole quarter are mentioned in the report. The respective columns of the sales are filled in the report. The sales are depicted in correspondence of the last three months. Products name and the revenue generated by their sales is mentioned in the report.

Pie Chart:

The graphical illustration works wonder as it let the owner know about the company’s performance in just a glimpse. On the report, the sales of the products can be seen. The products that generated more sales show to have a greater portion of the pie chart and vice versa. Fill the fields in the columns and the pie chart is automatically generated.

Designing of the Template:

MS Excel is used for the preparation of this report. The company can easily determine the weak points on which it has to put maximum efforts. The loss or profit gained during the whole quarter can be depicted by the sales report.

It is better to use a professional tool such as a quarterly sales report template in order to track company’s performance. It is simple, easy to use, a quick and efficient way of running a business in the right direction.


Quarterly sales report template


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