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Real Estate Inventory List Excel

In the real estate business, some words are more commonly used than others. One such word is “inventory”. Inventory is a word frequently used for the list of houses that are on sale.  This list contains a raw estimate of all of the real estate property that is on sale in the market. The property in the list is often highly marketed and this act of making list is also called an active listing.

It is possible that a developer once constructed some flats but he was not able to sell those flats at his desired price. So, in this case, the developer may add his flats in the list which shows all the active supply of assets. Once the property is added to the list it becomes part of the inventory.

A buyer can look at the list of houses available and can check status for each of the property. Active status shows if that property is currently available. It even shows the conditions fixed by the developer for making the deal of the house.

If after going through all the details the buyer is interested in purchasing that property he can show his interest by showing up on the open house or simply he may write an offer for that specific property.

If you are the owner of a real estate business you would have to make the list of all the properties on sale. For making the list you would have to do a lot more work than just writing the names of the property. This includes:

  • Writing the complete details of the owner
  • The complete description of the property
  • Description of the location of the property
  • Conditions mentioned by the owner
  • Rental amount or sale price
  • Issues if any related to the property

Collecting and organizing all the above information is indeed a big task. It is going to consume a lot of your energy and time and if you choose to take help from a professional then that would be very heavy on your budget. We here provide you a simple solution to this problem.

There are a number of different templates available on our website. All these templates are meant to serve the purpose of an inventory form yet they are created with slight variations so you can actually choose the one that suits all your needs.

In addition to this they are easy to edit hence you only need to add information in the already crafted sections and all your data would be organized effortlessly. Why wait now! Browse through all the templates available below.


Real Estate Inventory List


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