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Release of Liability Forms

The release of liability forms:

The release of liability form acts as a contract between two parties. One of the parties is the releasor while the other is the release which is legally liable. This form becomes a legal document when both parties sign it.

The main purpose of signing the release of liability form is to make the releasor ensure that he is well aware of the risks that are involved with the release. It is also the duty of the releasor to provide the release that he will not sue the release for the damages occurred in the past.

For example, when an accident occurs, the both parties settle down the dispute by using the release of liability form out of court.

Key elements of the release of liability form:

The main details of the form are:

  1. The details of the releasor.
  2. The details of release
  3. The effective date of the form
  4. Event in which the release of liability form is needed
  5. The laws of government
  6. Type of liability that is going to be released through this form
  7. Details of the compensation such as amount of money that is to be paid for compensation
  8. The particulars of the incident in which this form is needed.

Who should use the release of liability form?

The two parties that are eligible to use this form are:

The releasor:

The releasor is the party which is receiving the money in abandoning its claims

The release:

The release is the party which is paying the money to get released from a possible claim

When to use the release of liability form?

The release of liability form can be utilized in a variety of situations. Some of them are:

  1. In the event of a car accident when you want to compensate the loss of the driver.
  2. Releasing the contractor when he has damaged your property while providing you with the services.
  3. When both parties have got a disagreement and want to get released from the liability.
  4. Waiving the future claims against your business in case of an accident.


Release of liability form template


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