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Run Chart Template

Data collection has been the activity of various companies and fields. With the advent and progress of technology, we get numerous data on daily basis. But data collection is one thing and analyzing that data is another step which is far more important and can help us study trends and make decisions.

A run chart can normally be presented in the form of a graph showing a trend. Research has proved that studying analysis can be hard and time taking. Whereas, graphic representations are easy and quick to understand.

A run chart is a good way to show process performance over a period. A run chart can be used for any and every field. Even a hospital can use a run chart to show the number of patients admitted at the time of the day. Such data analysis makes it easy to study trends.

Run charts can be used in multiple ways. But the most common use is to study the variance in the processes. We all have been plotting graphs in our school times and we are aware of the concepts of x-axis & y-axis. The same way, a run chart can be made. A run chart will show individual data points in a chronological form representing a line or a trend.

Although run charts can be useful in various situations, for the effective use of run charts, it is very important to have a series of data. Constructing run charts is easy and it can be useful for one-time analysis for the historical data. Businesses and companies deal with numerous data on daily basis. The best analysis is one which can be understood by everyone, even the person who is not aware of the technical jargon. Data analysis might be constructed by one department but it becomes more valuable when it can be used by various departments.

Constructing a run chart is very easy. Variables can be selected for the x-axis and for y-axis parameters such as years, months, weeks or even time can be used. The individual points on the graph will show a downward or an upward trend.

Following run chart template will help you understand the concept even better. Download and have this template for you to start work on.


Run Chart Template

Run Chart Graph


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