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Security Guard Daily Activity Report

Security Guard Daily Activity Report Template

Companies and other organizations hire security guards so that they can keep an eye on whatever happens in the surrounding and report quickly if they find something odd.

Security reporting for any valuable thing or property can be really helpful for the manager as he will be able to deal with the situation as soon as it arises and in a more effective manner.

A manager can ask for different types of security reports from the guards depending on the type of information he is interested in. There are usually 3 types of reports i.e. Daily activity report, incident report or maintenance report.

The daily activity report is also known as DAR of an officer. It accounts for all the activities that were performed by the security officer while he was performing his duty. This report contains all the information during the security officer’s patrol including:

  • Basic details of the patrol
  • Any parking violations if occurred
  • Maintenance issues
  • Any lockup or unlock services he provided during his duty.
  • Resident contacts
  • Any other activity that happened during the duty hours.

A security officer is expected to give detailed information about every single incident that happened and should not just write “All clear” out of laziness. This statement should be considered as if the security officer was too complacent and was not doing this duty vigilantly.

It is also the duty of the manager to not settle for such a report and demand for a better and comprehensive report as he can use this report later for greater details in any type of unpleasant situation. Thus, the security guard daily activity report form should be made with extreme care so that you do not miss any detail.

However, making a form all on your own can be really tiring as it will consume all your energy and time. We have a solution for this issue. We provide you with templates that are made to contain all the important information.

All these templates have a varying layout so that you can choose from all these options the one that you think suits best for your company. You can download the form from our website and directly use it for free.


Security Guard Daily Activity Report


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