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Procedures involved in coordinating and planning an event are collectively called as event management. This includes all the steps involved from selection of venue to successful organization of an event.

Event planning can turn out to be both times consuming and challenging at the same time yet it can be very helpful in promoting goods and services for one’s business. Other than this an event can be planned for fundraising or for celebrating a success.

It doesn’t matter what purpose you are planning an event. The type of challenges faced by one is somehow the same e.g. choosing a site, invitation management, organization of responses and most importantly tracking the payments.

Managing your budget is mostly considered to be the hardest task. Usually, events require sponsors to make the payments. In almost all the events some companies with large or small business setups or a nonprofit organization provide a certain amount of cash in exchange for brand awareness and visibility.

You need to have a clear idea about the type of sponsors you need for your event. You can set up a specific criterion for that so that the sponsors you select at the end perfectly align with the vision of your event. You can circulate an event sponsorship commitment form with all the objectives mentioned clearly. This will help you get the right sponsors for your event.

The form usually needs to the have the following content:

  • Name of the company with the complete address
  • The contact information of the organization
  • Sponsorship commitment level should be described clearly
  • Information should be provided about how the payment will be made
  • Account details are stated if necessary
  • Name of the event for which the payment is being done
  • Signature of the sponsor with the date

Although this commitment form does not require an addition of much information in it but constructing a new form will take a lot of time and energy. We here provide you with different templates that can be used as sponsorship commitment form. These templates contain all the desired content thus, you only need to download these forms and use them directly for your purpose.


Show Sponsorship Commitment Form


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