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Tax Expense Tracker

If a person who is running a business keeps track of the expenses he has made and manages them accordingly he can save not only his time but also money on arrival of the tax day. This also applies to every other person who has to manage his own personal expenses as the organization of these expenses can save him from any unpleasant situation on the tax day.

Apart from the daily expenditures, it is important that you keep track of all your tax expenditures too. But the important question that arises here is how to manage all your expenses. Is it better to keep track while using a special software or should the person just keep the scans of all the receipts? Both of these methods aren’t that efficient as keeping a scanned copy of every receipt will cost you money and time as well as space. Apart from this managing, all these receipts all at once for the whole month or year is itself a tiring job.

As far as the second option of using a software is concerned it is not necessary that you will have access to that software everywhere as most of this software need a good internet access to run thus, using a software is also not a good option for managing your expenses properly as using a special software will demand extra time from your daily routine.

Do not worry we have the best solution for efficiently managing your tax expenses. We have templates available that can be used for this purpose. These basically excel sheets that help you organize all your expenditures and that too at your convenient time as you do not require any sort of internet access for it. You simply have to open the excel sheet and enter the details about the expenses directly into the appropriate sections.

Templates are made to have the following features:

  • Columns are made where each column indicates the name of a month
  • Next, to it, columns are made for all the different types of expenses you had.
  • At last a column is made to sum the total expenditures.
  • Below that column of the month, you are given a place to write the amount of tax you have paid.

You can use these templates directly after downloading or you can make necessary changes to these and later use them for your cause as these templates are easy to edit and user-friendly.


Tax Expense Tracker


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