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Teacher Evaluation Form Template

What is teacher evaluation form?                           

The evaluation form in any organization is used to assess the performance of the person. Many educational institutes use the evaluation form to keep a check on the performance of the staff. The teacher evaluation form gives a clear picture of the performance of the teachers. One of the most successful tools used in the process of performance management is evaluation form.

How to use the evaluation form? 

It is the duty of every organization to provide the environment in which the personal and professional growth of a teacher can occur.

The feedback can be provided to the teacher through the day to day conversation or emails. This form has a focus on the performance of the teacher and it is directly related to the job roles and responsibilities.

Importance of evaluation form?

The main purpose of using the evaluation form for assessment of the teacher is to get the clear idea about the teacher’s performance in a simple manner. The standard teaching aspects that are important for an institute should be known.

The teacher can then be assessed against those standards. A more elaborated form of feedback can then be provided when you have comprehensively conducted the evaluation of the teacher through this form.

Things to remember

  1. The form should be created in such a way that it is easy to use by everyone. The information provided in the form should be to the point and concise. It should provide all such information which is needed by the managers of the company to take some strategic decisions regarding the performance of the teacher.
  2. Since the form is being created for the evaluation purpose, it should be focused on it. It should be created in such a way that its purpose can be easily understood.
  3. The form should contain the information about the employee and the supervisor.
  4. It is the best tool to identify the struggling people working within the organization and to appreciate them. The excelling attributes of the teacher such as punctuality, effective lecture delivery etc. should be identified through the form.


Teacher Evaluation Form


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