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Temporary Employee Weekly Timesheet

If you are a company manager it would be routine work for you to deal with various issues related to employees. This includes looking after their work and then managing their pay accordingly.

Sometimes the workload increases to such an extent that it becomes impossible for the permanent staff of the company to handle it. In such a case company has to hire new employees for carrying out the task. It is not possible for the manager to keep track of the total hours each temporary employee has worked. Thus, to resolve this issue a timesheet form is used.

Employees are asked to fill out the form on weekly basis and after entering the data in it they are asked to submit it to the manager with their name and signature. It is then the duty of the manager to calculate the total hours those employees have worked and release their pay accordingly.

One may think of creating a timesheet form but making a timesheet isn’t a piece of cake. It may look easy at first but it takes a lot of energy as well as time. Proper formatting to make it look presentable alone can take hours.

We here provide you an easy solution to this problem in the form of templates that can be used as a timesheet form. The templates are made in the following format:

  • The section is specified at the top for putting the logo of the company to give it a more professional look.
  • Space is provided for writing the name of the employee, his contact information as well as his position in the company
  • A table is made for the purpose of adding information about the work done each day and the total working time.
  • It lets you keep track of your breaks and overtime.
  • This timesheet also contains the place for the employee to sign with the date.

These templates are safe and simple to use. As these are easy to edit hence, you only need to download one of the offered templates and circulate it among your employees for collecting the data and end all your issues at once.


Temporary Employee Weekly Timesheet


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