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Temporary Will From Sample Template

“Will” also called a power of attorney is what you write whenever u have assets in the form of property or any other valuables and you want to divide them among your beneficiaries after your death. It basically allows you to control what happens to your assets after u expire.

You are not only given the permit to select your beneficiaries but also you can mention in the document the name of the guardian for your minor children after you both die. Here it should be noted that it is necessary that you talk to that person beforehand and add his name after taking his consent.

According to law only the will that you have written recently will be considered as legally correct. A will is only considered temporary if a person has the intention to change it later in his life. A temporary will however not be a permanent solution yet allows you to control the fate of your estate after your death.

Although it is written for the short period of time you can always revoke your will by creating a new one with the most recent date on it. Temporary will needs to have certain requirements fulfilled.

  • It should say the name of the person who would be the guardian of your children after you pass out
  • It should state the location of the important papers and bank accounts and who should be allowed legal access to them.
  • Your will should be signed by two disinterested persons who are not nominated in the will in order to make it legal.
  • In case of a medical power of attorney, you should nominate a person other than your personal doctor as a witness.
  • The signatures should be followed by the date of signing
  • An executor should be nominated for carrying out the task written in the will. This person mostly is your lawyer.

Writing a will do not necessarily require a lawyer and you can make it on your own if you are not going to leave many assets and your beneficiaries are quite straightforward. In many states, handwritten wills are also accepted if they are composed according to the correct format.

Creating and formatting a will is indeed a laborious and tiring procedure. We here provide you with a number of different templates for will and testaments. These sample documents are written in a legal language and hence are ready to use and easy to edit. These printable forms can be used as a legal will by signing them after completion.

Template Preview

Temporary Will Form Sample Template Temporary Will Form Sample Template 2


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