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Tournament Bracket Template

What is Tournament Bracket Template?

The tournament bracket template is a quite significant document which eases the performance of the players or teams. The tournament bracket template can be a single or double elimination tournament bracket.

The organizers of a tournament need to track the performance of the players and the tournament bracket template is quite helpful in this regard. This is an extremely useful resource for organizing the tournaments. One can easily have a glimpse of the top scoring player or leading team from this template. Organizing tournaments were not this much easier before. The tournament bracket can be used in seeded or blind draw format.

Elements of the Tournament Bracket Template:

This template depicts the team names which are participating in the game. The respective scores of the teams are mentioned. Mention the name of the organization that is organizing the tournament. Mention the logo of the organization too.

In addition to this, mentioning the year in which the tournament is being organized, provides the more professional look to the template and aids in keeping the record of the tournaments of different years.

All team names, total rounds of the tournament and the name of the winner can be added to the tournament bracket template with great ease. The tournament progress can be determined from the template. Results can be recorded easily through the availability of the template. It can be saved, edited and updated when required.

Tournament Bracket Template in Excel Format:

One can easily get the access to the tournament template from here. We believe in to design the template having all the mandatory elements in it.

  • EXCEL format: Fill all details regarding the team details and tournament progress in the template.
  • Printable: The file can be printed on one or multiple pages.
  • Sample: Editable & contains no input.
  • Design: The template is comprehensive and does not require any designing.
  • Customizable: Edit it according to the need of tournament organizing company.


Tournament bracket template


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