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Training Instructor Feedback Form

If you are a training coordinator who is in charge of managing the relationship between a trainer and the students you would certainly need to devise ways to evaluate that. Your evaluation would be majorly focused on whether or not the trainers are doing well and if the students are satisfied with them.

By doing this kind of work you would be able to assess if your current methods are working or if there is a need to make certain changes in order to get better results. This change in your perspective would in turn help in enhancing the trainer student bond.

Although trainers work with determination it is very important to ask for the viewpoint of students if they are satisfied with the quality of work performed by the instructor.

A straight way of getting some real evaluation or feedback is to use an evaluation form. You can ask students to fill the form in the last 10min of the class session or you can make students fill an anonymous online survey form.

For making the students feel safe while giving their views you can use electronic questionnaire with the option of student filling the form anonymously. This way students would not have to worry about their name or handwriting to be recognized by the teacher anymore.

Hence, when students will feel secure they will give their honest views and you would be able to evaluate the instructor and amend the mistakes for the next time

Creation of an evaluation form does not require you to follow any hard and fast rules. You can design the form the way you like. All you need is to make sure that the form fulfills its purpose of creation in the first place and thus helps incorrect evaluation of the instructor.

Some common questions that can be addressed in the form include:

  • You can ask how well the instructor was prepared for his training course.
  • How well he explained the training course?
  • Did he make the classroom environment positive?
  • How easy was it to discuss your issues with the instructor?
  • Did he listened to your issues and tried to solve them?
  • How much are you satisfied with his teaching skills?

We hereby provide you with different templates for these evaluation forms so you do not have to take the pain of their creation. In addition to this as this toolsare focused on getting an honest feedback, they are therefore beneficial for getting feedback in the mid-session as well as when the session is about to end.

This way you get to know what flaws are present and what points should be considered for eliminating them. So, download one of the many templates available and get your feedback now.


Training Instructor Feedback Form


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