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Vehicle Mileage Logs & Expense Reports

What is Mileage Log and Expense Report?

The mileage log and expense report is a significant report of the company which provides the details regarding the travel expense. It is the basic requirement of every company to maintain their mileage log and expense report properly. This document has to be presented to finance department. Having a great format of this report and maintaining it is of great importance.

Employee Information:

This report contains the details of the employee, such as employee name and his ID. This is the mandatory information which needs to be filled properly.

Vehicle information:

The description of the vehicle such as the type of vehicle used such as motor bike or car and the model of that vehicle. It also demands the details regarding the total mileage and the rate per mileage to calculate the total expenditure of travel.


The date option lets to track either the information provided is correct or not. It lets the companies track that how much expenditure has been spent per day on travelling. If it is more than the company has to take some sagacious steps in order to control it properly. Else, the company would have to bear the loss.

Details Regarding Location:

The Mileage Log and Expense Report has the mandatory fields such as location from where the travelling begins and the location of the destination. Hence, the company gets the opportunity to counter check that the expense details provided and the mileage matches regarding the travelling distance.


Extra or necessary information regarding each travel can be mentioned easily. Our Mileage Log and Expense Report provides this facility in order to enhance the convenience.

Odometer Status:

The Mileage Log and Expense Report has the option to mention the details regarding the odometer status. These figures are kept as a record by the companies.

Mileage Log and Expense Report in Excel Format:

Get our Mileage Log and Expense Report by clicking on the download button mentioned below.

EXCEL file format: Fill all the details regarding travelling in the Microsoft Excel sheet.

Instantly printable: fill out the fields and get the print.

Blank sample: Use it whenever you want.

Intuitive design: It is the professional format.

Fully customizable: Edit it according to your company’s need.


Mileage Log and Expense Report Template


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