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Vehicle Service Log Template

What is Vehicle Service Log Template?

A vehicle is an asset which gets depreciated with the passage of time. The depreciation value can be reduced and the efficiency of the vehicle can be improved by taking the maintenance and repairing services at the proper time.

The vehicle service log template is such a template which plays a key role in this regard. It lets the owner know the status and condition of the vehicle. It indicates which services have been taken and what are required to be taken in the near future.

All vehicle owners especially the transport companies having a number of vehicles should consider using these vehicle service log template as it is designed to provide them a huge benefit.

Vehicle Details:

It is necessary for a vehicle to take services with the passage of time. Vehicles without services are a great danger for not only the driver but also for the other vehicles on the road. Vehicle details involve the name of the owner, name, and model of the vehicle, plate number, engine number etc. Also, mention the license number on the service log.

Sevices Detail:

Mentioning date shows professionalism and is the most effective way of filing any document or template. Mention all the services hired for the maintenance and repairing of the vehicle against the date. The services may include the changing of oil, changing air-filter, changing the oil filter, the tire repairing, adding antifreeze, tire replacing, align wheels etc.

Cost Details:

The cost of each service taken needs to be mentioned in the field of the cost of services. It provides an estimate of the total cost that has been spent on the vehicle services for a period.

Maintain the record of all the services taken for the vehicle through this vehicle service log template. Our professionals design the template by keeping in mind all the minute details that could help you out in keeping the best record of your vehicle services.

Download this template whenever you require and use it with great ease. It is highly simple and convenient to use.


Vehicle service log template


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